Solar Power Guide

10 Watt Solar Panels:
Can They WORK for You?

Since the days of the Industrial Revolution, fossil fuels and, even more importantly, oil, have served as the primary energy source for all mechanical systems in the world. However, as per estimates, these sources are likely to be exhausted by 2050. In such a scenario, dependence on alternative sources of energy is on the rise. One of the most prominent sources of alternative energy resource is solar energy.

10 Watt Solar Panels


One of the most efficient devices to tap solar energy and harness it to generate electricity is solar panels. Panels are available in various powers (ranging from 5 Watts to 150 Watts). Availability of sunshine, period of use, and the appliances which would use the harnessed solar power determine the specific requirements of the panel.


The most popular and widely used solar panel is the 10 Watt solar panel (or, SP 10). They have replaced the earlier MSX10 solar panels and can be put to a large number of uses varying from small power consumption projects, powering electric fences (up to one acre) and even for charging small electric tools. The 10 Watt panel comprises of continuous trickle feed maintaining and can be used to extend the usability of any type of 12 Volt battery as well.


The 10 Watt solar panels have a peak output capacity of 660mAh at 16.8 Volts. They can function at an efficiency of around 70 watt-hours per day (or, 4.62 amp-hours per day), and weighs 1.6 kilos. They connect to the PS100, CH100, PS12LA, PS512M, or the battery base of a CR23X, CR3000, CR5000, 21XL, CR7, or CR9000X. The dimension of these cells is 397 x 278 x 25mm, and they generally function best in the presence of 7 hours of peak sunlight availability. The guaranteed minimum power availability is 9 Watts.


No external charge controller is required to support the functioning of these 10 Watt panels, in case the battery being used has an efficiency of more than 70 Ah. In case the panel is used to charge 240 Vac devices, an external inverter is however required. The requisite amount of cable (5m) comes with the 10 Watt panel sets.


If you do not need too much power for your home which is the case with most homes, then the 10 Watt solar panels are great. They can generate small amounts of energy, which are only adequate to run small gadgets, like small fans, am/fm radios and cell phones. These panels are portable, and this feature provides the users with an added advantage as well.


The advantaged of solar power are many. To begin with this alternative energy is eco-friendly and so when you opt for this, you can contribute to clean up the environment. When you get solar panels for your home, you can also gain from the many alternative energy incentives that are offered by local authorities. Solar power will also save you money on your power bills. This is why it is such a good idea to get solar power for your home, and luckily you can now install one yourself. You will just need to know where to set it up and how to do it, how to wire the system, where to get the parts and the batteries from cheaply and also the safety precautions.

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