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Advantages of Solar Energy- UNCOVERED

As the nomenclature suggests its close association with sun and not with the moon, solar energy, barring its ineffectiveness during the dark hours (however with the advancement of technology, solar energy can now be stored and used in the night too) has innumerable advantageous points that are ever helpful to humankind. In this article we are discussing about the various advantages of solar energy.

Advantages Of Solar Energy

As a clean renewable eco-friendly energy form, solar energy has no other parallels. And because of its eco-friendly nature, experts are predicting that in the future solar energy will have a major role to play. Apart from providing us with the much needed light and warmth all through the day, it can also provide us with electricity during the daylight hours as also in the night if the system has a battery back up or is grid-tied. But the list of advantages does not end here.

Did you know that you can even make money by selling your surplus electricity to the grid/utility as no royalty is demanded by the sun for the fuel it is supplying? As for the running cost, there is none for the simple fact that the solar panel that produces electricity has no moving parts at all. And do consider the tremendous savings in your electricity bill because the running costs of solar energy is extremely low. So on the one hand you save money on your electricity, and on the other, you can sell the excess power and make some cash. And of course you need to consider the environmental gains as well.

As the solar energy generated electricity is non-fossil fuel oriented and sustainable, it never pollutes the very air that we breath by way of releasing sulfur dioxide (SO²), carbon dioxide (CO²), nitrogen oxide (NO) or mercury into it as what happens with most of the traditional fossil fuel electricity generation systems. And for the same reason, solar energy does not contribute to the contemporary problem of global warming or greenhouse effect. And the best part of it includes the fact that it would never cause unhealthy smog or acid rain in the area where it is utilized.

Also, some of the advantages of utilizing solar energy include its independent mode of installation and working, apart from the constant supply needs of fuel and sundry accessories. Silent operation is another plus point for solar energy operated generators. Facilities coupled together make solar energy operated electricity generators function anywhere in the world that may include providing power to research work in the Sahara or checking of impala population in some of the South African game Reserves. Adequately powered solar energy packages complete with control panel, converters, battery banks and controllers that automatically switch power modules from solar panels to battery and mounted on sturdy trailers are much used by geologists   searching for oil or other minerals in desolate areas where men have never set foot earlier.

Advantages of solar energy is enormous today in the light of depleting fossil fuel and the ever  increasing prices of oil that has stranded conventional internal combustion engine driven automobiles at an alarming rate. Although solar energy driven cars are yet in their nascent stage, but hybrid vehicles have already appeared in the market that consumes very little fossil fuel. Researchers hope that in the not too distant foreseeable future, a solar power driven vehicle will easily compete with fossil fuel driven automobile, without emitting carbon monoxide that greatly enhances the greenhouse effect. That would definitely be a better world to live at.

Advantages of harnessing solar energy will be emerging in newer forms with each passing year as cost of photovoltaic cells will become lesser, permitting its widespread use in areas that were so far restricted to electricity generated by conventional means. A day is sure coming when internal combustion engines will have to say good bye, ushering in a toxin-free environ for all. There are simply too many advantages of solar energy to ignore this as a mainstream power source.

So are you ready to opt for solar energy – there are simply too many advantages to ignore it. What you need is a training guide – a manual, that will let you learn how to install a system. You will also need to know a few other things such as what is the best place to set up the system, where to buy the parts, how to get free batteries, safety precautions and also wiring the system. Get informed and you are ready to install solar system in your home.



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