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Did you know that Albert Einstein got his Nobel Prize for his famous explanation on photoelectric effect? The effect is the result of natural elements like silicon getting charged on direct exposure to sunlight. Photovoltaic (PV) principles are used to build solar panels.

Build Your Own Solar Panel


Solar panel is a device that converts the sun’s energy in the form of protons in sunlight, into electricity. However, a highly refined quality of silicon is required for such productions.


The Sun has always been the primary source of energy for humans since time immemorial. As habitants of mother earth, we should primarily practice the usage of the energy and resources available to us free by the nature. But we have not been doing that – it is only in recent years that we have started considering alternative energy sources.


Solar power is among the most popular alternative energy sources today. To get solar power, you need solar panels. So can you build your own solar panels? The answer is ‘yes’.


How to build your own solar panels?


To start with, you need a square foot of copper flashing, free from any dirt or oxidation. Sandpaper can be used to clean it. Place your copper sheet onto your electric stove at its highest setting and let it grill for half an hour till it gets a think black layer. Remove and let it cool. Now take the sandpaper and clean a corner of it back to shiny copper, it is where you will solder an insulated wire. This is the negative lead.


For the positive plate, take a U-shaped copper flashing, slightly bigger than the previous rectangular one. At one corner of it, you can solder an insulated wire to create the positive lead.


Now take the U-shaped sheet and cover it with silicon glue with few gaps here and there including the solder connection and stick it to an acrylic or plastic window. Glue the other side of the U-shaped sheet leaving some spaces and stick the rectangular copper sheet. The glue acts as an insulator between the two metals as well as create a gap between them. Please note the shinier side should face the plastic window, so that this window is the front of this panel which faces the source of light.


Fill the gap between the metals with salt water and cover the top with generous amount of silicon glue. Leave it to dry and harden for about half an hour and then you have your solar cell which you can then, using the positive and negative leads, connect to a component.


The thick black layer on copper is Cuprous oxide which is a semi conductor. When protons of sunrays fall on this metal, the electrons gain energy to conduct electricity. Now you know that such a system can be effectively built in one's house but one need to know how to build such a system, where to buy cheap parts, safety precautions, choosing location, designing the house, finding free batteries and wiring the system and you can find all the information online.


There are so many advantages of solar power that you cannot ignore it anymore. But not only do you need to know how to build your own solar panels, you will also need to know where to set it up in your home and how to install it properly. You need a guide that will show you how to wire the system and where to get the batteries and the parts cheaply from. Plus, the guide should also tell you about the safety precautions.

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