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Cheap Solar Power: Is It Possible?

A renowned economist had once said that as we progress, “technology will become cheaper while manpower would become expensive”. This is true wherever technology is involved. For instance, take the case of mobile phones. During its early days, a mobile phone used to cost almost a fortune which is available now at nearly ‘dime a dozen’. Or think of the digital cameras. The same story is repeated in the case of solar power too.

Cheap Solar Power

Solar power has already become so cheap that when you have a solar power system at home or at the workplace, you are sure to save a lot of money on your electricity bills. This has become possible as the core material of a solar panel, i.e. the photovoltaic cell or the solar cell itself is today sold at a fraction of its original price. A major European chip maker (STMicroelectronics) has already announced that they are going to manufacture solar cells, using cheap plastic instead of using expensive semiconductors. “This would revolutionize the field of solar energy generation,” said Salvo Coffa, head of the ST’s research group that is responsible for developing the technology. Yes, this alternative energy is on its way to become mainstream.

The technocrats were not sitting idle on the other side of the globe. The Japanese had been toying with the idea of concentrating sunlight with a view to reducing the dimensions of a solar cell, thereby reducing its costs. Japanese electronics giant, Sharp Corporation has already come up with its new system for focusing sunlight with help of a Fresnel lens (that are used in lighthouses) onto minute solar cells that are nearly twice as efficient as conventional silicon cells. Other companies like the Palo Alto, CA based SolFocus, Pasadena based Energy Innovations are also rolling out new concentrators that will drastically reduce the cost of solar cells, paving the way of cheap solar power. Moreover, Spectrolab, the Boeing subsidiary is already in the process of supplying more than a million cells for concentrator projects, including one in Australia that is going to generate cheap solar power for 3,500 homes.

One of the brightest trends among the scientists today is to see to it that global warming comes to a halt and that the greenhouse effect is controlled within reasonable limits, which is possible only when fossil fuel burning generators are totally eliminated from the face of the earth. Solar power can finally make this a reality because this is completely ecologically friendly.

You can also do your bit for the environment, and of course by installing residential solar panels or commercial solar panels, you will also be able to save money. So go ahead, get a manual – your guide that will teach you step-by-step where to set up a system and how to install it, how to wire it efficiently, where to get the parts from and also tell you all about the safety precautions. The advantages of cheap solar power are too much to be ignored.

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