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Connecting RV Solar Panels:
How Does It WORK?

A RV or a recreational vehicle represents a mini luxury room on wheels that has all the pleasurable items including a cooking range, refrigerator, TV set, home theater, fans, low-duty air conditioner and even a mini bathroom with hot water facilities installed within its wide-bodied structure. Since most of these items consume electricity to a fairly great extent, the RVís own battery bank often fails to provide the power needed to run such a vast array of electrical items. Besides, an RV need not necessarily keep on roaming all the while so that the vehicleís batteries get charged fully all the time. In fact, it is mostly parked at a scenic beauty spot amidst woods or some remote location where grid power is usually unavailable. The inevitable result is constant scarcity of electrical power.

Connecting RV Solar Panels


The perpetual thirst for power can however be sated with the installation of RV solar panels that are specially created to serve the purpose. RV Solar Kits include the Solar Panel, Charge controller, Output cable (20 feet or more), Controller to battery cable and RV roof flush mounts. In some cases, two types of solar panels are put into action, such as (a) Photovoltaic or PV solar panel to run the electrical appliances and solar heat collectors to raise the temperature of the water used in the RVís mini bathroom.


The biggest advantage that the kits provide include hassle-free holiday anywhere with the satisfaction of knowing that there will be no dearth of power irrespective of the fact that the RV sits at a particular location for several days with all its luxury appliances operating magnificently.


Although instructions for connecting the panel leads to the RVís battery terminal is unmistakably given along with the supply carton of the RV solar panel, it may be prudent to check the connections personally before finally connecting the panel to the RVís battery bank. However, as a note of caution, it may be safer to disconnect the panel at night so that the chance of battery power back flowing to the panel is minimized. Of course, back flow diodes are usually provided with all RV Solar Panel kits.


RV solar panels are great things and they are eco-friendly as well. And the great news is, you can install them yourself if only you have some information. A guide can show you step by step how to install the solar system and how to wire it, and where you can get the batteries and the parts cheaply from. The guide should also tell you about the safety precautions.

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