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Facts about Solar Energy - REVEALED

What is solar energy? How is it generated?

We all know solar energy is obtained from the sunlight we receive. Sunlight is actually a beam of electromagnetic waves that are absorbed by the upper layers of earth’s atmosphere. This is called solar radiation and the energy is called radiant energy. About seventy percent of this radiant energy that reaches earth is absorbed by the water bodies, clouds and the landmasses. The rest is reflected back to the space. A good amount of this absorbed sunlight can be captured and machinated into different forms of power suiting our various requirements. This conversion of this radiant energy into electricity, mechanical power or even chemical power is called as solar energy. Solar energy is generated by modern techniques called solar power generators of various types like photovoltaic cells, solar thermals, solar heaters, solar roof tiles, solar chimneys etc. Solar energy is being harvested largely across the environ-conscious world. This article discloses some very real facts about solar energy that were never addressed before.

Facts About Solar Energy

Facts about solar energy: Myths resolved

In spite of the entire cognizance worldwide about solar power saving and regeneration, there still endures a dilemma to accept the facts about solar energy. A misconception and skepticism that dominates most of the hearts is yet to be enlightened by the convincing developments of modern science. However, there is some solid pragmatism that cannot be belittled by any means. Firstly, solar energy is the best amongst all other traditional sources of energy because it saves the environment by producing NO amounts of greenhouse gases and air pollutants. Apart from the direct use of solar energy like the heat needed in the colder seasons, drying clothes, absorbing vitamin D for the bones there are several other uses that are performed by capturing and machinating this wonder power by the solar power generators. Solar energy generators find their application in a varied number of fields like lighting buildings, in architecture, agriculture, urban planning, solar vehicles and even domestic usages like cooking and water heating. There is a myth among many people that installation of a solar power generator takes a hefty amount of money. But the bare fact is that solar power generators are pretty economic if used the right way. Does anyone of us really think about the massive electric bill that we pay throughout our life? Believe you me, solar energy is the cheapest of all the power resources under the sun. Once installed properly, the maintenance cost is also negligible.

Some more facts about solar energy will help us realize this massive source of renewable power. The amount of sunlight that falls in an hour on the earth’s surface actually surpasses the amount required by the entire world’s population in a year. And the current demand of solar power is surpassing the amount that is being supplied by the solar power generators.

Facts about solar energy: environmental compatibility, economics and development

While discussing the environmental compatibility of solar energy, we can usurp that the power, say electricity or the mechanical power that is generated is absolutely pollution free and devoid of any greenhouse gases like that generated from the traditional power plants. Also compared to the conventional power plants the solar energy generators are much more economic considering that the solar plants have a minimum life-cycle cost like no fuel charges and minimum operating expenses. The source being a free one, solar energy generators cost you far lesser than the coal or fossil fuel plants. However, while discussing the facts about solar energy let us not overlook the few disadvantages it has. On discussing the disfavors it offers we might come to a solution for the same. While installing a solar power generator we have to make sure that the area gets plenty of sunlight throughout the year, or else the entire set-up will go in vain as less sunlight hampers the efficiency of these generators. Research on these limitations is still going on and soon will a time come when every other house will be having a solar power converter to welcome a greener world ahead. Surprisingly enough a solar industrialization was predicted way back in 1447 by Da Vinci which is now nearing its realization!

Here is another fact about solar energy – did you know that you can install a solar energy system at home yourself? Yes it is possible provided you know a few things such as how to select the location and set it up, where to buy cheap parts and batteries from, how to wire the system and last but not the least the safety precautions. To build the solar energy system at home for ecological and financial benefits you need to know all this.

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