Solar Power Guide

Flexible Solar Panels:
Can They WORK for You?

When people look for solar panels that can be taken to a log cabin in the woods or to a RV parked in a remote yet charming location, the initial reaction seem to hover around conventional rigid bodied solar panels that are mostly used in suburban homes. But a mere look at a 2’ x 8’ complex solid photovoltaic solar panel sitting smug on a rooftop like an oversize skylight will sure help banish any such ideas. It is indeed quite unrealistic and impractical from any point of view. But what happens if you are presented with a lightweight flexible rolled up solar panel that you can take with you at ease? You would obviously jump at the idea. Flexible solar panels are just that.

Flexible Solar Panels


Innovative solar technology has reached newer heights with the development of soft, pliable photovoltaic solar power panel that will work anywhere under the sun throughout the day on its own and via a battery bank all through the night. And mind you, it is a silent worker that produces no exhaust gas or any emission that is harmful for the atmosphere. Gone are the days when one in need of power in a remote area had to carry a cumbersome fossil fuel generator set that needed unending supply of fuel, spilling CO˛ all over the place, apart from the gruesome noise coming out of it day and night.


Flexible solar panels are manufactured using a process known as ‘thin film deposition’ in which very thin layers of a superconducting material called silicon is applied onto substrates that are flexible. This allows the silicon layer to flex, fold and bend in any chosen shape or direction. Installing the flexible solar panel for use merely means un-folding or rather un-rolling the film-like panel and placing it directly in the sunlight. Connecting the panel’s leads to a battery will result in immediate charging for use at night. Daytime use of the flexible solar panel includes playing power operated musical instruments or using your laptop (through an inverter).


Flexible solar panels today allows researchers to study and collect data in their laptops while working deep in the heart of Sahara or making observations about the behavior pattern of large animals in South African Game Reserves without any hassle. Since these flexible solar panels can also be rolled up and stowed for camping, hiking and travel in far off lands where grid-based electricity is not always available, they are becoming more and more popular with each passing day.


Despite the fact that very few individuals have appreciated the benefits of tapping alternative energy sources till now, flexible solar panels will sure open up many more doors for the sheer simplicity of its use and application in the near future.


There are simply too many advantages of alternative energy such as solar power – such as its clean nature on the environment and low running cost (solar power reduces your electricity bills dramatically). So go ahead and opt for solar power – but before you do you need to know where and how to set it up, how to wire the system, where to get the batteries and the parts cheaply from, and also the safety precautions that need to be followed. Get hold of a guide that will inform you about all this and you are all ready for solar power.

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