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According to a recently conducted study in the United States on the use of home solar power, it was found that on an average more than 10,000 homes in most cities have home solar power systems installed in them, while around 200,000 residential accommodations are provided with photovoltaic power facilities on a regular basis. And the demand for home solar power is increasing with each passing year. It needs to be mentioned here, that while this trend is seen more in the US, but this is not the only country in the world where you will see this. Actually, it is estimated that the use of solar power is on the rise in many parts of the world across the continents.

Home Solar Power

There are some minor issues with home solar power systems. But this should not deter home owners from going after home solar power because in the long run, it sure will prove economical to them. That is because of the fact that this source of energy reduces the electricity bill drastically. Of course, there is no denying of the fact that the initial expenses are rather high. And it often varies from state to state. It needs to be remembered that a lot of technical progress is expected in the home solar power industry, and so with time, the present day disadvantages will go away.

Nevertheless, once it has been installed, the home solar power system may prove to be a powerhouse for making profit by the sale of surplus electricity that one generates at practically no cost whatsoever. So while on the one hand you are saving money on the electricity bills, on the other hand you are actually making some extra cash. Now that is a good proposition.

You can benefit from solar rebate programs and tax credits for using renewable energy offered by most states. Besides, there are financial incentives including deductions, exemptions, loans, grants and bonds – all provided for the home solar power users. But there again, one should check with the regulations imposed by individual states and local authorities on the issue of incentives offered only to industrial, commercial or non-profit making institutions housed in buildings where home solar power has been installed. The regulations are not the same across the country and this is why it needs to be checked in the area where you reside. This may help the home owner to go for units that attract the provisions for rebates, etc on residential homes.

Under usual circumstances, Net Metering is the term for the electricity policy guidelines for people using renewable energy who are eligible for the retail credit on the energy that they generate, while in some cases, this credit becomes applicable to a portion of the electricity so generated. The US Energy Policy Act of 2005 enumerates that all public utilities should make Net Metering available to all customers that may request for it. However, confusion may arise as different states are following these guidelines at different labels. Besides, one state’s regulation for the treatment procedure between a home solar power generator and the distribution grid may vary with that of another state. And this is precisely why you must double check as to the exact position in the state where you stay.

To end all confusion and misunderstanding in regard to the availability of incentives relating to home solar power, one may refer to DSIRE or the Database of Sate Incentives for Renewable & Efficiency that provides incentives by State, Type & Eligibility. The website verily contains a plethora of data and information on regulations, codes, policies and standards on the topic.

Home solar power users or those who are planning to go solar needs to do some studying and research before they actually take the steps to switch over. Remember, this can be a major step you are taking and thus, it is always better to stay informed.

Do you want to install a home solar power system? You have taken the correct decision – many people are doing so because of the many ecological and financial benefits. And it can be done easily too if you know where to install the system, how best to do it, ways to procure parts cheap, the best places for free batteries, how to wire the system and the safety precautions that need to be followed. Get informed about these issues and you are ready to install the home solar power system.


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