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What is solar power? Why is it so important?

Sun, the brightest of all celestial bodies, emits a radiant energy through its rays. The sunís rays are necessarily electromagnetic waves that give us the radiant energy. This radiant energy is captured and machinated to generate into electricity or mechanical power and even chemical power and is known as what we call solar power. The idea of how does solar power work is undoubtedly an amazing one and definitely needs a close consideration. In this article we will ponder on some obvious aspects of solar power.

How Does Solar Power Work

How does solar power work?

To realize the regeneration, use and application of solar power, we definitely need to realize this solar power as a viable resource. As stated above let us discuss in detail as to what at all this solar energy is and how it can be regenerated into desirable and applicable forms of power. The sunís rays are made up of electromagnetic waves that hit the earthís upper atmosphere. Approximately seventy percent of this radiation is absorbed by the earth like the clouds, water bodies and the landmasses. The remaining thirty percent is reflected back to the space. The absorbed radiation heats the landmasses, water bodies and the atmosphere that fences the earth. This is called radiative heating of the earthís atmosphere. And the heat produced due to direct sunlight causes solar radiation and the heat produced is called radiant heat. This solar radiation accounts for about 99 percent of the usable flux of the renewable energy on earth. Now how does solar power work in a particular field economically and practically depends on how efficiently this solar radiation is being tailored by the solar power technologies at that very practical end.

The application of solar radiation, that is, how does solar power work majorly depends on the variation of the requirements and various techniques have been invented for the specialized deployment of different forms of solar radiation. Broadly considering, solar power technologies can be divided in to two streams, namely active solar power technology and passive solar power technology. Active solar power technologies make use of the solar energy directly in the concerned practical end like photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into heat, pumps to convert sunlight into mechanical power and even fans to convert solar energy into electrical power. On the other hand passive solar technology emphasizes on the direct use of sunlight like designing buildings with well-lit and well-circulated spaces, citing a building optimally to the sun etc.

Thus it is very clear now that passive solar technologies greatly discourage and actually minimize the use of alternate power resources and active solar technologies opt for more and more supply of solar power. Thus solar power has justly become an integral part and parcel of our lives. The various fields of application of solar technologies, active or passive are domestic front, urban planning and architecture, agriculture (that include horticulture and greenhouse), solar lighting, solar heating, ventilation and cooling, disinfection and desalination, cooking, electricity and the list goes on. Solar power, therefore, has tremendous influence on the modern earth along with some disadvantages as well.

Solar energy: advantages and disadvantages

To empathize on the fact that how does solar power work, we need to scrutinize each and every advantage and disadvantage of this high tech application of modern science. The main advantage of solar power is that it is an inexhaustible source of power or fuel.Secondly, solar energy is absolutely pollution free and none of the solar power technologies produces any air pollutants or greenhouse gases like the other conventional power plants. Solar power is such an amazing supplement of alternate resources that even cars and satellites are being run with this versatile and specialized fuel! However, the fact that a very strong sunlight and therefore areas with very strong and consistent sunlight are required for the solar power technology to work limits the use of this technology to only some few parts of the world. A diffused source would produce a low energy which will not be economic to the expensive set-up. Developments are happening though to overcome these limitations so that solar power can be used without any dilemma by the environ-conscious people worldwide.

Solar power will surely work for you and make you save a lot of money on your electricity bills besides cleaning up the environment too. So its time you considered installing a home solar power system. The best way to install the system is with the help of a guide that hand holds you and shows you step by step where to set it up, how to install it, how to wire the system, where to get parts from cheaply, where to get batteries free and also the safety precautions that you must always follow. Such a guide will let you install the solar power system quickly and safely.

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