Solar Power Guide

Photovoltaic Panels:
The Solution for Reducing Your Power Bill

Photovoltaic panels are made of clusters of photovoltaic cells or solar cells that directly convert the sun’s light energy into electric power. However, this magical conversion involves neither any moving parts nor any mechanical interference. Moreover, it is absolutely noiseless, completely pollution free and is hundred percent environment-friendly. But the electricity generated by photovoltaic panels are basically of the type DC or Direct Current which can be passed through inverters to be transformed into 120 volt AC for use in homes or workplaces. One of the biggest advantages of photovoltaic panels is that they help reduce the demand for electricity on the grid and they can also save money to a great extent. Surplus electricity generated by photovoltaic panels may be fed back to the grid, typically for credit.


Photovoltaic panels are usually rigid or flexible modular structures measuring 2’ x 4’ or even larger and sizes as large as 2’ x 20’ are not very uncommon. Rigid PV panels have UV treated glass coverings for protecting them against heavy rains, hail-storm and other natural hazards while the flexible ones are provided with durable film coverings. On account of numerous advantages that the PV Panels offer, their production and world-wide sale has increased enormously in the few years. However, the only impediment that stands in the way of acquiring these cost saving devices is their high cost of installation. Most US state authorities and local bodies provide various alternative energy incentives in the form of rebates, discounts, reimbursements, etc in order to popularize the use of PV panels in homes and workplaces. Incidentally, the resale value of a building or structure having installed PV panel goes much higher than one without it.


However, PV panels become inactive as soon as the sun goes down, thus generating no electricity at all. But there is no need to despair as the solution is available as well. The problem may be solved in two ways. One way of overcoming this is by way installing a battery bank that can store electricity during daytime and disburse it at nighttime. Or the PV panel could be tied up with the grid. This provides dual advantage. While one may draw electricity from the grid during the night for lighting up the home, the surplus power generated during the day can be fed back to the grid, balancing the expenses.


Photovoltaic panels and solar electricity may be the answer to reduce the power bills which can be quite steep. This renewable energy is eco-friendly too and thus it is a great solution to reduce pollution too. You can gain from solar power as installing the system at your home or office is very easy. In fact with some information, you can do it yourself. So go ahead and get a step by step guide that will show you where it works best and how to install and wire the system. You should also know where to get cheap parts and batteries from. And the safety precautions need to be followed as well.



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