Solar panels come in all shapes and sizes. In recent years, there have been tremendous advancements in solar technology. It has become more powerful, more versatile and more affordable. Itís no wonder that solar technology is finding its way into more and more households every day. Being an alternative energy, and one that is eco-friendly too, there are many alternative energy incentives that are being offered by the local authorities to urge people to opt for solar power.

Portable Solar Panels

And not just households. Portable solar panels are fast becoming a common sight too. As the name itself suggests, these nifty little devices offer excellent portability. When you want solar power on the go, you will find these portable solar panels simply indispensable. They are usually much smaller in size than their stationary counterparts. However, donít let their small size fool you into believing that they donít pack a punch. These panels are powerful enough to power a wide range of applications, such as battery back-up power systems, compact solar lighting system, DC lighting system, briefcase solar generators and more. Some larger ones can even run a laptop, lights and other devices requiring less than 400 watts of AC power. Portable solar panels come complete with portable solar energy systems that can be set up easily outdoors, and are ideal for camping and other remote applications.

With winter approaching fast, the prospect of saving on electricity bills by switching to solar energy seems tempting. According to statistics, in an average American household, heating needs during this cold months account for more than 50% of the entire energy expenses. By opting for solar energy, even for just a fraction of all the applications that one uses, huge savings in the electricity and energy bills can be realized.

Solar power has many advantages Ė it can reduce your electricity bills drastically and it is also ecologically friendly. So opting for solar power makes a lot of sense. What is interesting to note is that portable solar panels can be made at home. However, if you are planning to buy them from outside, donít forget to look around a bit and do your own investigations. Such an approach will help you get the best deals on the equipment, and also make you aware about the various facets of portable solar energy. Plus, you will also need to know where to set it up, how to install and wire it, where the get the batteries from and also the safety precautions. What you need is a guide that gives you all this information.