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Portable Solar Power- Is It Worth It?

Fixed solar power systems have revolutionized the concept of power generation from fossil fuel operated grizzly power generators to noiseless, eco-friendly, pollution-free, carbon Monoxide-free Photovoltaic (PV) systems that magically transform sunrays to renewable electric current. Mobile or portable solar power systems provide that same sine-wave current at anywhere under the sun. These portable solar power systems are a great innovation because at last you can carry them along wherever you are going Ė these systems are offering you the liberty and the freedom of not having to depend on the conventional systems. Truly, portable solar power systems are changing the world and how we consume power.

Portable Solar Power

Let us now take a look at situations where you might need portable solar power systems. Perhaps you are going on that camping trip to the great wilderness or maybe you are off to an expedition to the Amazon forest. Of course the availability of power might be severely restricted. But your portable solar power system will let you read that book while you are stretched out on your camping cot in the evening, after a hard day of walking.

Loaded on to appropriate trailers, these portable solar systems do not run out of fuel, pollute the air, require oil change or make disturbing noise all the while. So while on the one hand they are convenient for you, on the other, these systems are eco friendly as well.

It matters little whether one is busy tranquilizing animals at African Game Reserves or providing critical aid to flood devastated south East Asian countries as long as a portable solar power trailer with storage batteries supply all the current for the computers and the campsites.

Portable Photovoltaic solar power systems with battery backup offer numerous advantages that include instant availability of electricity in remote areas where there is no power grid. Besides, these are maintenance-free, requiring very little or no attention at all. Elegantly built with all wirings, charge controllers and battery inverters that are concealed behind neatly covered panels, these renewable power generators are as useful as their composite contemporary look. It is indeed a marvel how these units go on silently converting the rays of the Sun into easily accessible 120 volt AC power at the flick of a switch.

Also, what makes people wonder about their performance is the simplicity of their working design that involves three basic operations: (a) collecting electricity form the sun through PV panels; (b) running it through a charge controller and into a battery bank, (c) have the inverter take out the power from the batteries and (d) delivering pure sine-wave 120 volt AC current whenever needed. Also, in the event of the portable solar power generator producing more current than what is needed, the surplus power is automatically transferred to the battery bank for storage and later use. Now that is great news, isnít it?

Smaller portable solar power generators can be carried in the car to your forest log cabin where no grid power may be available or to recreational vehicles (RVís) or boats for joy rides as also to remote home construction sites where the grid power has not yet reached. They are equally useful on firms or ranches for powering well pumps or running blenders and minor kitchen utilities while on safari.

Now let us take a closer look at how they work and also find out whether there are any differences between them and the normal systems that cannot be moved. The fact is, construction-wise, portable solar power generators are no different from their fixed type counterparts. The same photovoltaic cells come into action to produce electricity in a portable solar power generator too. To be precise, as protons derived from the sunlight strike solar cells, some of it gets absorbed within it, thus providing the energy to generate power.

The way portable solar power generators are fast replacing conventional propane or diesel engine driven generators, it may be quite likely that very soon a day is coming when the latter will find a place only in museums or among collectorís items.

Solar power is a superb alternative because as previously mentioned, the advantages are both financial as well as ecological. Thus setting up a system at home makes a lot of sense. And the best news is you can do it yourself provided you have some knowledge of where best it will work, how to install the home solar power system, getting the parts cheaply, procuring the batteries free, wiring the system and the safety precautions. With this knowledge, you can install the solar power system efficiently and safely in no time and make it up and running.

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