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Pros and Cons of Solar Energy - EXPOSED

What is solar energy? How is it generated?

The radiant energy emitted by the sunís rays can be captured and converted into different other forms of energy according to our requirements. This conversion of the sunlight into electricity, mechanical power etc. is called solar energy. Solar heaters, photovoltaic cells, solar chimney etc. are the various devices used in the mechanism. The sunlight is said to emit radiant energy since sunís rays are made up of radioactive waves. The upper layers of the earth usually absorb around seventy percent of the incoming sunrays through the water bodies, landmasses and the clouds and the remaining thirty percent is reflected back to the space. This solar energy absorbed by the earthís atmosphere is captured and machinated into various forms like mechanical power, chemical power and electrical power. The pros and cons of this solar energy, however, need to be talked about in details.

Pros And Cons Of Solar Energy


Solar energy: Pros and cons revealed

Solar radiation is being widely utilized for our day-to-day practical purposes. Apart from the widespread domestic use of solar power, the latter is also being honored in other various aspects like agriculture, architecture, urban planning, solar lighting, solar thermal, solar chemical, solar vehicles, cooking etc. The application of solar power is broadly divided into active solar power technology and passive solar power technology according to the respective usage. However, active solar power technology stresses upon more and more use of solar power whereas passive solar power technology tends to minimize the use of alternative resources of power and helps in direct use of sunlight by citing buildings optimally to the sun, designing well-lit and well-illuminated spaces in the buildings. Thus solar energy is becoming an integral part of our lives by the day. In spite of such awesome records, we need to discuss the pros and cons of solar energy to understand its potentials closely.

While pondering upon the pros and cons of solar energy we definitely should focus on the innumerable advantages that make this power an ultimate source till date. The very first thing that we come across while discussing power is pollution and solar energy assures us with a NO pollution emission produced from the solar panels. The only bit of pollution that occurs is while transporting the goods and installation that is absolutely unavoidable. Not only solar energy does not produce any greenhouse gas but it also does not produce any sound like the other conventional power plants that result in noise pollution. Thus electricity is produced very quietly by solar power. Solar power has the ability to produce electricity at remote locations, for example, the satellite in the space is catered by high efficiency photovoltaic or solar cells that are not connected to any grid. This also supports installation of solar cells in rural or remote areas which is actually more economic than the usual high voltage wire installation. Solar energy technology has an impressive back up facility that supports production of energy on dull days and even nights as well. The solar roof tiles are a space saving kit that fits almost all rooftop tiles for placement of the solar panel giving them a streamlined look. The underlying fact that solar energy is absolutely free and has an uninterrupted supply makes it an obvious pro of solar energy. Also, using solar power makes you overcome the dependency on the conventional fossil fuel supplies.

How to use solar energy to be benefited?

In spite of all the advantages solar energy has a couple of disadvantages that restrict the use of solar power to some extent. Firstly, the set-up cost of a solar energy device is not that cheap, a thousand dollars being the starting price for a standard quality solar power generator. This installing a solar power generator in selective places with plentiful of sunlight is very important in order to make the investment work economically. The solar power generators can only produce electricity during the daytime and are thus sluggish half a day. Although solar power generators do not produce any air pollutant themselves, they are definitely affected by those present in the atmosphere. Thus, a solar power located in a city does not give its 100 percent output due to its retarded efficiency by the pollution levels in that area. Thus installing a solar power generator at a remote and rural locality yields the maximum output. This discussion of the pros and cons of solar energy is definitely going to guide those who are planning to set-up a solar cell.

Solar power is really great and the reasons are both financial as well as environmental. That is why so many people are interested in installing a system in their homes Ė you can too. But for that you need to know where to put it up, how to install and wire it, where to get the parts and the batteries from and also the safety regulations that have to be followed.

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