As we drive through the countryside and even within the city, these days we see numerous houses having small solar panels on the rooftops or those that are placed in some other part of the home. There are also many commercial buildings and properties that too have these solar panels. Yes, both commercial solar panels and home solar panels have become very popular in recent years. But what is the purpose of these panels? These small solar panels are able to capture the energy of the sun and convert this energy into a form that we can use as electricity. Thus we can say that solar panels are perhaps the most important things that have made solar electricity a reality.

Small Solar Panels


The reason behind the popularity of solar panels and solar power


The sun offers this opportunity for humans to leverage its energy for good causes such as solar power. By using this alternative energy we are also able to save our fossil fuels that are anyway not going to last forever and so, we had to look for an alternative in any case. The best thing about solar power is that, it is a clean power and thus when the day comes where this will become mainstream, the environment will breathe a sigh of relief. There is so much pressure on the environment with scares of global warming, that going solar is probably the least we can do to save our green planet.


Because of this, there are a lot of incentives offered by local governments to urge people to opt for solar power.


Solar electricity is also cheaper because once the solar panels and the system is installed, the household is sure to see a good deal of savings in the electricity bill.


The kinds of solar panels


There are two types of solar panels and they differ in what they do as well. They are…


  1. Solar thermal collectors – these collectors use the energy of the sun to heat fluids such as water or oil.
  2. Solar photovoltaic modules – they use the solar cells to capture the light of the sun and then convert this into electricity.


Installing small solar panels


Are you planning to try out solar power at your home? You have to be congratulated for your excellent decision. Remember about the many benefits of solar power such as the savings in your electricity bills and helping the ecology. Installing your small solar panel and the system is quite an easy job as well. In fact, with some guidance and help, you will be able to do this yourself. So go ahead and get the solar panels for your home. Just make sure that you know where to set it up, how to install and wire the system, finding the batteries and also do ensure that you are following the safety regulations when you are setting it up.