Solar Power Guide

Solar and Wind Power for Residential:
How to Use It for Your Own BENEFIT

Solar power and wind power are alternative energy sources that are becoming popular in recent years. Though they are not mainstream even today, but one day will come in the near future when we just cannot use fossil fuels anymore we would have to turn to them for all our needs.

Solar And Wind Power For Residential

Solar power systems are very efficient on sunny days (but you can use solar power in the night too if you are connected to the grid) and convenient as well since you don't have to move them at all. They are put on the roof top or another such place in the home, so they don't take up any otherwise required space. They are also very easy to install and maintain.

If you live in a windy area then wind power is perfect for your home. As long as it is windy your wind generators will continue to work and keep giving you lots of energy. Wind turbines are hoisted far up in to the air up above the trees lines so that they can get as much uninterrupted wind as possible. Any gust of wind blowing at and above 5 miles per hour can produce electricity, and this power can cut down your electricity bills unimaginably.

But most importantly, both solar and wind power are cleaner alternatives and so they are friendly to the environment. Because of this there are quite a few alternative energy incentives that are being offered by many local authorities to urge people to opt for them. Plus of course, you have the added satisfaction of doing something good for the future of Earth.

Once you decide to use wind or solar power or maybe both, you have to decide whether the power will directly go into the power grid or would you like use batteries to conserve the extra energy, when you are making more energy than required. Also, you will require a converter as the electricity generated will be DC current and you would be required to convert it into AC current to make it usable for your home.

So have you decided to go for alternative energy to clean up the environment and save on your electricity bills? If you have, then you need to be congratulated for taking the right decision. The good news is, you can install a system on your own all you need is a guide that will show you where to set it up, how to install and wire the system, where to get the batteries and the parts from cheaply and also know what safety precautions are to be followed. So get hold of a guide that hand holds you and shows you all this in an easy and step by step manner.

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