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Solar Electricity: Make It WORK for You

There are many people particularly in India and belonging to the Hindu religion who prey to the Sun and revere Sun as one of the most important Gods. But this is not a recent phenomenon. In earlier times there was also the Inca civilization where Sun was perhaps the most powerful and was both respected and feared by the people. Today the Sun has finally come out of religion and begun to affect our daily lives (in more ways than just providing us light and warmth and making Earth habitable). Taking a cue from the light that Sun disperses, humanity thought of a science that will be able to capture this light and distribute it as electricity. The technology was developed and thus solar electricity came into being.

Solar Energy


In fact, there is nothing new to trying out solar electricity – there have been attempts for the last many decades now. But in all this time one thing has changed – while the generation of solar electricity was mainly restricted to governments and administrative bodies, these days, even home consumers can generate their own solar power by installing solar panels at home. All you need to do is know how to install solar panels and get the parts, and very soon the solar panels for your home will begin to generate solar electricity.


Why is solar electricity gaining in popularity?


In recent years it has been seen that there has been many queries on solar power. Yes there are definite signs that this is becoming popular. On a closer observation you will find that there are 3 reasons for this.


1.      Solar electricity is an alternative source of power and it is eco-friendly too. Currently electricity is generated in 3 main ways – Hydel power plants that use water (but huge dams need a lot of territory and in the process submerge many villages and kills the local ecology) – fossil fuel power plants that use coal (the coal resource is already very thin and will surely go in a few decades) – Nuclear power plants that uses nuclear energy (but there are ecological as well as safety concerns). Solar electricity on the other hand is completely clean and is extremely safe too. So there are no such concerns.

2.      Solar power is cheap. Once you set up the power generating system in your home, your monthly electricity bills are extremely negligible, and this is why many home users are getting interested.

3.      Local administrations are also offering various alternative energy incentives to encourage people to turn solar.


So if you are thinking of opting for solar electricity, your thinking is right – because one day very soon much of the word’s power would come from such sources. And the best news is, building solar panels and setting up a system is very much within your reach now. All you have to do is learn how to do it – you need information about selecting the right place, finding cheap parts and batteries, wiring the system and also following the safety precautions. Get the information and you are all set to go solar.


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