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Solar Energy Heating System - EXPOSED?

What is a solar energy heating system?

Solar energy is the conversion of the radiant energy that is absorbed by the earth’s atmosphere into different forms of energy. And solar thermal energy is the technology that captures and harvests solar energy and converts it into thermal energy or heat. Solar energy heating system is used for water heating, space cooling, space heating, process heat generation etc. Solar power heating systems are an easy way to make warm water; they make use of a solar collector for the purpose. The improved modern technology ensures a first-class quality and efficiency of the solar heating system and a smart, decent system can even assure a decent payback of your investment.

Solar Energy Heating System

Solar energy heating system: how does it work?

A solar energy heating system meant for heating water is basically made of evacuated tube collectors and glazed flat plate collectors deployed mainly for domestic water heating. The unglazed plastic collectors are however, used for heating swimming pools. Process heating for industrial and commercial purposes mainly uses solar concentrating technologies. A typical solar energy heating system uses two to three solar collectors (more solar collectors mean more solar energy), an inverter and batteries. The solar collector device is designed to collect and trap the radiant energy of the sun. Once trapped the solar energy is converted in to DC electric power. The semiconductor material present in the solar collector is usually silicon. Once converted the solar power is channelized to the inverter. The inverter converts the DC electricity into AC electricity which is then usable for the purpose. Solar power heating systems devoid of an inverter usually do not work promptly enough. Generally the trapped solar power is instantly converted into the functional energy which at times might be in excess than what is actually required at the user end. This is where batteries come in the picture. Batteries store the excess power that is converted by the solar power cell for future use. In case it is still extra, the power can be traded to the company owner and thus one saves money.

The batteries usually come along with a charge controller that guarantees the most efficient output of the batteries and thus the solar power cell. Apart from the main items, the solar energy heating system comes with some cables and hardware and testers that are required for the installation of the cell and running the batteries. This solar power heating system although does not support the running of all the home appliances or the entire power supply of a house can be very useful in demonstrating how actually a typical solar power generator does that job.

How healthy is a solar heating system?

A solar energy heating system has a lot of health benefits that are otherwise not available! An adequate amount of solar energy makes you feel comfortable at a lower air temperature. And this lower air temperature in its turn saves your electricity bill. Radiant heating systems do not blow dust, dirt, bacteria, pet dander and viruses around your house throughout the winter months, thereby saving you from a whole lot of diseases. Also radiant heating systems do not dry your breathing passage to make it more prone to infections.

Solar power heating systems are quite space saving as they do not interfere with the furniture and neither they produce any sound to be heard as they do not have any blower. This peaceful heating system is also child friendly. Also compared to the conventional forced hot air system or baseboard heating systems, the solar power heating system is much more economic. The market is nowadays brimming up with so many companies claiming to be the best in solar heating system technology. The energy efficient products are indeed a little more expensive than the others. The solar power heating systems though do not work in the nights; they keep your home cozy enough with the energy saved in the batteries. A little research and basic knowledge will get you the one you want. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the one that suits you and your home and let us make this world a better place for the next generation.

Get a guide that shows you how to install a system in your home and then you can yourself how solar energy can be of tremendous benefit to you in saving your power bills and cleaning up the environment too. Get a guide that shows you step by step where to set it up, how to wire the system, where to get cheap parts from, how to source free batteries and also know what safety precautions need to be followed. What you need is a comprehensive manual that explains all this.


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