Solar Power Guide

Solar Hot Water Heater:
Install and Use it to Your Advantage

Solar panels are used for two purposes. There are solar photovoltaic modules that use solar cells to capture the light of the sun and then convert this into electricity and then there are solar thermal collectors that use the Sunís energy to heat fluids like oil and water. Obviously because of the many advantages of this alternative energy, solar power has become very popular in recent years, and its application has also spread including for heating water and oil.

Solar Hot Water Heater

The solar hot water heater is not just a heater Ė it is a combination of many equipment that include thermal collectors, a fluid system that moves heat that gets accumulated at the collector to the place where it can be used, a tank where the heat is stored and finally used. Using such a system to heat water has gained in popularity because of the many applications it can be put to. The solar hot water heater can be used to heat the swimming pool, an underfloor heating system, and of course the water we use at the workplace, industry or at home.

In fact such systems have become so popular that there are some countries where as much as 85% of the domestic water heating is carried out using this mechanism. And there are applications in home heating as well Ė in some countries in north Europe, space heating mechanisms and hot water is used in 15% to 25% of all cases. Solar water heaters are also in use on Zimbabwe and other African countries where the European Union has come forward to fund such projects.


Why are solar hot water systems so popular? Let us find out.


  • Such a system is quick and easy to install. It does not involve any major plumbing work, causing very little disruption to the household or the workplace.
  • The system ensures free supply of hot water all through the year
  • Offers extended component life
  • The maintenance cost is low.


But thatís not all. There are other advantages too.


  • Heating water using solar power cuts down the electricity bills drastically.
  • Being an alternative energy, solar power is eco-friendly.
  • There are many alternative energy incentives offered by local authorities for going solar.


You can also install home solar panels or commercial solar panels and begin to use it to your advantage. All you need to do is get informed on the best place to set it up, learn how to install such a system and wire it effectively, find places from where you can get the parts cheap and also know all the safety precautions that have to be followed.


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