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Solar Hot Water Systems:
Save Money and Preserve the Environment

In a typical household, hot water for various domestic purposes accounts for the second highest energy cost. The need for hot water is eternal and there is no way of bypassing that need. By opting for solar hot water systems however, we can have all the hot water we need, without having to worry about the cost of making it. The economic payoff is substantial and one stand a chance of reducing water-heating costs by up to 65% or more. The sun is a huge storehouse of abundant energy and with residential solar panels and commercial solar panels, we can trap the sunís energy and put it to good use, without entailing high costs or endangering our environment. The best thing about solar energy is that it is virtually free and environment-friendly! So if you care enough about your environment, and wish to ensure a greener future for your children, switch to solar energy without a momentís hesitation.

Solar Hot Water Systems


There are many commercial solar hot water systems available in the market today. A typical solar hot water system generally has 2 parts to it Ė solar collectors, which is basically a fluid system to move the heat from the collector to the point of usage, and a reservoir tank, which stores the heat. However, these systems often come with a steep price tag and may also carry features that you donít actually need.


How do solar hot water systems work? Solar energy systems basically work by transforming the sunís rays into various usable forms of energy. Today, solar energy is being used for a most diverse range of applications, from powering an electronic calculator to providing light and heat to an entire household. Solar modules made at home may not be powerful enough for large tasks, but they are usually suitable, and provide sufficient energy, to power many small gadgets and applications, including heating water for a wide range of domestic purposes.


Many times I get asked about how to make solar hot water systems at home. Buying new solar water heating systems, most often, come across as an expensive proposition. If such systems could be made at home, it sure would have been a great way of saving on plenty of costs. Interestingly, a basic solar hot water system can indeed be built right at home. The simplest of ingredients are needed for this, such as a used hot water heater, black paint, recycled Styrofoam cut into small pieces and so on. With these, an effective water heating system can be fabricated that will use the sunís energy to heat water, without any other cost.


It is not a Herculean task to make solar hot water systems at home. However, some of the things one would need to know about include where to find the best deals on the various parts needed to make such systems, where to set it up, how to install and wire, and also what safety precautions to follow. What you need is a step-by-step guide that can help you in this. 


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