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Solar Panels for Your Home
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Though there are basically two ways of getting solar panels for you home one way involving the DIY method while the other includes buying the panels outright from reputed dealers or distributors, you should first of all decide how many panels you need for your home. Having done this, you need to determine whether your roof can support all the panels or not. Once that point is reasonably settled, get a list of the dealers selling solar panels in your area. Also, try to find out their reputation in the market or how long each one of them is in business. Obviously your choice should go in favor of those having a long and satisfactory commercial history. All points taken care of, get in touch with your chosen dealer and ask for a free quote.

Solar Panels For Your Home


After the preliminary research is over, take a deep breath and check your financial resources. Although a solar panel may pay back its price in the long run, it may cost a fortune to install one at your home as per the current pricing structure. Also, bear in mind that the mere installation of a solar point is not enough to bring solar power at your home. You would need the following components too for getting solar electricity for your home.


1.      A properly calibrated inverter to convert the DC electricity obtained from the solar panel to be converted to 120 volt AC electricity that is suitable for your home.

2.      Battery bank to store the electricity generated during daytime for use at night.

3.      A diode to prevent current flowing back to the panel at night when the solar panel remains inactive.

4.      Wires, connectors, voltage meters, etc required at the time of installation as also later on.


Incidentally, you should have a first hand idea of how do solar panels work before installing one at your home. Solar panels consist of clusters of solar cells or photovoltaic cells that are capable of instantly converting sunrays into electricity. In fact, several photovoltaic cells make a solar module while several modules make a panel.


Or alternatively, you may want to make and install the residential solar panel yourself yes it can be done and it is in fact, quite easy too. Get a guide that will tell you all about building solar panels and also the best place in the home where you should put it up. The guide should also help you learn to install and wire it, where to get the batteries and the parts from and lastly, you need also to know the safety precautions. With all this information, you can easily opt for solar power and benefit from the many advantages that include cutting down on electricity bills and cleaning up the environment. 

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