Solar Power Guide

Solar Powered Garden Light:

People who intend to experiment with solar power may do well by installing first a solar power garden light that will serve duel purposes. On the one hand, it will make them familiar with the pros and cons of utilizing solar lighting at home in a small way (smaller investment) while on the other, it will add charm to a well laid out flower garden. Tulips incidentally, look heavenly under a solar light. Besides, it saves cost in lighting a garden that may at times prove pretty expensive if you are using a conventional garden lighting system. Did you know that solar power can slash your electricity bills drastically?

Solar Power Garden Light


While earlier solar garden lights used to run with the help of panels that contained cells which were charged during the daylight hours and in turn powered internal batteries inside the lights that glowed at night, contemporary models utilize LED technology and are simpler to install and use. Solar power garden lights are now nothing but lights on top of stakes. These insert the light into the ground and are therefore easy to install and to move around.


In the event of a stationary solar power garden light, it is important to choose a site which will illuminate most of the garden at night as also receive most of the sunlight during the day. People often blame solar power garden lights as poor options for the simple reason that they have chosen a wrong location for fixing the light where the sunlight is inadequate during daytime with the result that the solar cells remain far from being fully charged. But with some help, you can rectify this problem. Also significant is the dimension of the light fixture which should be large enough to light up the whole garden.


Installing solar power garden light will also let people have ideas of the quantum of savings that solar power may provide by comparing pre and post installation electricity bills.


However, before going for solar power garden lights one should get himself/herself thoroughly acquainted with various types of these ultra-modern lighting units, their utilitarian value, hazard management and price variation. You should also know where to set it up and how to install the system and also how to wire it. You need a guide that will also tell you where to get cheap parts and batteries from. And lastly, you should know about the safety precautions. The advantages of solar power are many such as it is eco-friendly and it is cheap too. So you should definitely opt for this.

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