Solar Power Guide

Solar Power Roof Tile- A Great Alternative For Solar Panels

What is a solar power roof tile?


The radiant energy that is emitted by the sun’s rays can be captured, machinated and regenerated into different forms of power according to our requirements. This conversion of solar energy into mechanical, chemical or electric power is called solar power. Of the various devices for solar power regeneration like photovoltaic cells, solar heaters, solar chimney, solar roof tiles etc. the last one is of great significance thanks to its various advantages over the regular roof tiles used commonly. Solar power roof tile is a special type of roof tile that is used to harvest solar energy for the purpose of heating water and electricity generation. This wonder tile owes its inventory to an Australian industrial designer.

Solar Power Roof Tile

How does the solar power roof tile work?

Aimed to meet the burden of power shortage hitting the urban world the solar power roof tile focuses on the concerned technology. Each tile is made up of a polycarbonate chassis and is filled up with numerous solar cells or photovoltaic cells and a water vessel. The photovoltaic cells capture about 72-80% of the sunlight and convert it into heat energy that in turn heats the water in the vessel. The whole set-up is connected to the hot water system and the electrical wiring of the building. The remaining 20 percent of the solar energy is converted into electricity that is more than enough to run the house. A solar power roof tile also adds to your savings by producing excess amount of electricity than required by a house. The power regenerated during daytime is automatically used in the night hours thereby leaving minimum space for non-solar power usage. Also the back up a solar roof tile provides on the cloudy days is amazing. The principle is very simple. The solar cells are connected to an inverter which is again linked to the power box of the house. This power box again remains plugged in to an electricity grid. This grid stores the excess power that is unused. This unused power can be sold back to the solar power utility company for extra credit money. This gradually gets you the refund of your investment and you still generate power almost free of cost! Thus a solar roof tile not only helps a house generate its own power but also excess power that can be traded.

The solar roof tiles come in a variety of styles and are easy to match any kind of regular roof tile. An average three or four bedroom house requires nearly 1.5 kilowatts of electricity that can be produced by around 200 solar roof tiles. Apart from the residential solar roof tiles the commercial variety is also gaining much popularity these days. The commercial solar roof tiles are designed for simple, fast and easy installation without penetrating the building’s roof. The high tech engineering ensures a strong wind resistance (can resist wind speeds up to 120 miles per hour) that easily fit into limited spaced rooftops. Therefore it makes sense to furnish any exposed area of your house with solar power tiles to generate and thus save power! The cost, efficiency and side effects however, still need to be discussed.

How useful is a solar power roof tile?

The modern solar power roof tile is designed to fit with most of the concrete tiles in an interlocking manner. This gives your roof a streamlined look that adds to the panache and elegance of your house. Solar roof tile can be a life time investment. Normally solar tiles have a life expectancy of around thirty years and once installed they run absolutely free of cost. Also a production warranty of 25 years is offered by most companies. Installation of the solar roof tiles is also very easy as it has no moving parts to be transported in due course. The most important factor to be considered in a solar tile is that the energy produced is completely free of any air pollutant and greenhouse effect. Thus the use of solar roof tiles help save our environs to a great extent. So go ahead and replace your roof tiles with the solar roof tiles that are aesthetically so pleasing and the source being free and uninterrupted, it is cost effective too.

Solar power will surely work for you and make you save a lot of money on your electricity bills besides cleaning up the environment too. So its time you considered installing a home solar power system. The best way to install the system is with the help of a guide that hand holds you and shows you step by step where to set it up, how to install it, how to wire the system, where to get parts from cheaply, where to get batteries free and also the safety precautions that you must always follow. Such a guide will let you install the solar power system quickly and safely.


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