Solar Power Guide

Solar Power Roof Tile- A Great Alternative For Solar Panels

What is solar power? What are solar power roof vents?

Thanks to the worldwide awareness about the potential of solar energy we all know by now how important and valuable this wonder power is. Sunís rays are made up of electromagnetic waves and thus create radiant energy when absorbed by the earthís atmosphere. This radiant energy can be converted into other forms of energy according to human requirements. This capture and conversion of the radiant energy by solar power generators is called solar energy. Amongst all the solar power generators, solar power roof vents have gained quite popularity across the world thanks to the various advantages they offer.

Solar Power Roof Vents

Solar power roof vents: why is it required? How does it work?

Whether solar power or electricity driven, roof vents are a bare necessity for proper ventilation. During the warmer months the radiant energy of sun heats up the roof tiles of our homes that eventually heats up the air inside our house. Thus a proper ventilation of the attic or the top floor is needed so as to keep our house cooler. Even our day-to-day activities like washing clothes, cooking, bathing etc. release huge amounts of water vapor in the air that needs to be ventilated out and thus the need for a proper roof vent arises.

Solar power roof vents are a smart supplement for cooling your home. Unlike the traditional roof louvers, this solar energy roof vent functions throughout the day. It traps and collects energy from sunlight and converts this energy into electricity. Inside the power vent there is a high efficiency motor that generates the electricity. Thus it saves power that is again environ-friendly. The common electric power vents are controlled by a thermostat that stops when the vent gets overheated. But the solar power vents work uninterruptedly throughout the day to keep the room well-ventilated. The biggest advantage of the solar power roof vents is that they function without any fuel, waste or pollution. A solar powered roof vent is a kind of active ventilation as it forces the outside air through the attic and out of the vent to ensure proper cooling of the space. The use of a roof vent also ensures a cooler temperature inside our house that in turn minimizes the use of air-conditioner thereby reducing your electricity bill.

A typical solar energy roof vent consists of two major parts such as a solar panel and a 24-volt DC motor. The solar panel traps and collects the solar energy directly from the sunlight. This energy is directed to the DC motor inside that generates the electricity. Apart from the fact that the solar panel works, that is collects solar energy in diffused light on cloudy days and bad weather conditions as well, there are quite a few more advantages of this solar power technology. The solar panel can be installed separately from the dome and no electrical wiring is required for the set-up. The low profile dome is made up of rust resistant steel, and is galvanized too.

Solar power roof vents: pros and cons revealed

Solar power roof vents are pretty economic when used properly. However, the saving earned by a solar energy roof vent in a particular area is dependant upon a few factors like the rate of electricity in that area, the amount of available attic space in the house, the skillfulness of the attic insulation, the available amount of ventilation that the concerned space can provide etc. Unlike the usual attic vents that work on the principal of passive air convection, solar energy attic vents create a forceful draft of air that effectively keeps your house cool throughout the day. However, the solar energy roof vents have few disadvantages as well. There are instances when solar energy roof vents do not prove to be helpful like buildings or homes that have a drop ceiling, or a design that allows free movement of air throughout the house. Thus, the solar energy driven roof vents seem to be quite popular and in use among people worldwide. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your kit to vent out the heavy moisture, and brighten your house the sunny way!

Solar power is a superb alternative because as previously mentioned, the advantages are both financial as well as ecological. Thus setting up a system at home makes a lot of sense. And the best news is you can do it yourself provided you have some knowledge of where best it will work, how to install the home solar power system, getting the parts cheaply, procuring the batteries free, wiring the system and the safety precautions. With this knowledge, you can install the solar power system efficiently and safely in no time and make it up and running.

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