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One of the most striking features of the urban lifestyle today include colorful rooftops that sparkle in a thousand brilliant hues as sunrays hit them with a dazzling glare. However, as one must know, these are not part of any decorative ornamentation meant for highlighting the splendor of the home but are very practical solar panels that provide electricity for the home owner. A recent survey conducted in the United States indicate that more than 10,000 homes in most major cities in the US have a home solar power system installed in them while around 200,000 residential blocks are provided with photovoltaic solar power facilities as routine source of pure sine-wave AC power. And the best news is that, this trend of going solar is not just restricted to the United States alone as it is being seen in other parts of the world as well. It also seems that the rate of people opting for solar power systems is going up too.

Solar Power System

Understanding the solar power system

A solar power system consist of a solar panel that may come with or without battery backup, an inverter that can transform the DC power that is generated through the panel into usable 120 volt AC current, necessary wirings for connecting the components and non-conductor clamps and fixtures to install the panel on rooftops or any other convenient area that gets sunlight most of the daylight hours. As a matter of fact, the PVs or Photovoltaic cells are usually combined together to make a module while several modules are assembled to make a solar panel.

Who are the people who use such systems and why do they do this? Let us now take a look at this. Although a solar power system is mostly used for electrification in non-grid areas (where utility power is not available), people living in grid areas also opt for solar power system for two primary reasons.

Firstly, a solar power system can function only during the daylight hours, the power generation coming to a halt as soon as the sun goes down. This was one major technical challenge this technology faced and it severely restricted the use of solar power in the earlier years. But all that has now changed as the power that is generated can even be stored for retrieval and use during the night time. And also what happens if the sky remains overcast on a particular day? The stored solar power becomes handy then – a modern day solar system makes this possible.

There are other options too that we will now discuss. People who have opted for a Grid-tied solar power system can draw the necessary power from the grid all through the night. It just needs to be connected to the Grid. The other reason for linking the solar power system with the grid is for trading the surplus power that is generated through the day with the grid. You might be surprised to know that many people who are using solar power these days are doing this – that is making their own power and selling off any excess that they do not need. One of the finest examples of such arrangement in busy metropolitan areas includes Google’s headquarters in California.

To be honest about it, a solar power system actually proves economical in home sites where power grids are located at a distance, say a couple of miles away. The cost of erecting power poles and drawing power lines through them to the site can be very dear, as compared to installation of the SPS (solar power system) at the structure itself. And once the installation becomes effective, one need not have to worry about monthly billing for the power consumed since the raw material for the generation is practically nil as one has already inherited the Sun. The government and the local authorities are also offering many incentives to make people use solar power systems. Such incentives are in the form of various rebates, discounts and financial assistances that are currently linked up to the installation of SPS at home or workplaces by several bodies and local authorities.

Save power and cut your electricity bill with solar power. You can also earn some extra money by selling your surplus power and of course this is an eco-friendly alternative as well. So are you ready to install a system in your home? Get a guide that shows you where to install it, how to set up the solar power system, where to get the parts and batteries from cheaply, how to wire the system and also the safety precautions. With this information you can do it quite easily and of course safely.


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