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Millions of Indians living in suburbs or villages have been practicing some form of passive heating system to warm up their bathing water by putting it in a bucket and leaving it in the sun for several hours. Reportedly, there are several therapeutic benefits of this – that is only if the fluid’s thermosiphon properties are allowed to play a role. But in most other places, solar collectors are employed in place of the sun to heat water.

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The essential principle for a thermosiphon solar hot water heater involves mounting of the solar collectors at a lower elevation than the water which is ready to be heated. Incidentally, it is called a passive heating system because no electrical appliances are used in the process. However, the cooler water at the lower end of the storage tank is thermally siphoned to the hotter water that is close to the solar collector due to the higher temperature and greater volume of the warmer water. This starts the circulation motion that goes on and on till a sufficiently high temperature is achieved. Meanwhile, the thermosiphon principle of the fluid makes all the contents of the storage tank to come to the desired temperature.


Instead of water, thermosiphon systems using a heat exchanger work on the same principle by circulating a nonfreezing solar exchange fluid through an internal heat exchanger that is installed inside the solar storage tank. This type of system is usually installed in climates that experience freezing temperatures to prevent any damage of the solar collectors and siphon pipes.


Although thermosiphon water heating passive systems cost lesser than conventional active solar water heating systems, these units need much more care and attention to make them work efficiently. Not only should the feed pipes going to the solar connector be checked thoroughly before the freezing condition approaches, the water should also be drained out of the system as a safety measure.


But that is not all. You should also get acquainted with the safety measures and emergency procedures as well. What you need is a guide that will show you how to set up such a system and complete the installation and the wiring. You also need to know about the sources of cheap parts. Heating water using a solar power system can drastically reduce your power bills and so, you should definitely opt for this. Solar power being eco-friendly, you will also be able to clean up the environment using this alternative energy.

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