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Thin Solar Panels:
Are They the RIGHT Choice for You?

Although solar electrical power is available almost free of cost, the high installation cost of photovoltaic solar panels still worry many people. The reason behind this high cost stems from the fact that cost of production of the basic photovoltaic cell itself is fairly high on account of the raw material, i.e. silicon that is used in making the PV panel or the solar panel. But the good news is, this stumbling block is now removed, thanks to the advent of thin solar panels that are more cost effective, easier to handle and can be attached to any surface – flat, sloping, corrugated, tilted or vertical. It can also form a part of the roof, wall or a window!

Thin Solar Panels


Thin film modules that include amorphous Silicon <a-SI>; copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) and cadmium telluride (Cd-Te) are manufactured by coating full sheets of substrate with micron-thin layers of semiconductor materials that are cheaper than silicon. The process involves optimum material utilization and lower labor participation turning it into the lowest cost photovoltaic production technology available till date.


Apart from lower manufacturing cost, thin film modules or thin solar panels can produce more power on cloudy days as also in low light conditions, especially during the morning and evening hours or when it rains or snows. Moreover, they have better temperature coefficients resulting in a greater percentage of rated power production at higher ambient temperatures. At the same time, they can be grid-tied or remain stand alone modules. Thin film solar panels are now much in demand as BIPV (building integrated photovoltaic’s) all over Europe and theUSA.


A world-wide worry about global warming and greenhouse effect has made many authorities to come forward with alternative energy incentives to encourage people to go solar. Many houses in Europe are currently being built with solar roofs. Owing to their cost effective pricing, these are now being made with thin film photovoltaic’s. Moreover, people find these soft, flexible thin film solar panels quite convenient to carry in otherwise remote locations for charging their laptops, cell phones, mp3 players and many other electronic items. Rolled up like a piece of drawing paper or canvas, medium sized tin solar panels can be carried in bike while going for long safaris or pleasure trips to distant locations where they can charge video camera batteries and sundry photographic appliances.


Home solar panels or commercial solar panels can save you money on your power bills. And it is eco-friendly too. Do you want to know how to install solar panels? Yes you can set it up yourself and do the wiring too – all you need is some guidance. You need to know where to get the cheap batteries and parts from, and also have knowledge of the safety precautions.

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